Dog Collar with a Brass Buckle made with woven textiles

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Each dog collar is a one of a kind piece. I take a 6' Cinta and cut lengths for the dog collars. A Cinta is what women in Guatemala use to decorate their hair or braid in their hair and keep it up and away from the looms.  I use a solid brass buckle, D ring for your leash or tags and brass grommets. 

Collar measures--11" to 15 "   around for the neck size and 3/4 " wide

Care-please wash and dry outside to keep the textile fresh.  

I buy a lot when I am in Guatemala. The families I work with always have textiles  for me to 'look at'. I started buying these Cintas from a family when they made a necklace for me with the woven band in the back and beads in the front. I thought they would make great dog collars!